Massage Workshop


Altijd al willen leren hoe je een goede massage geeft? In deze workshop leer je de basis beginselen van massagetechniek. De workshop duurt 2 uur en wordt gegeven aan groepjes van 4 personen, in de praktijk in Itteren. Kosten per persoon zijn 80 euro. 


The Slow Down Challenge


Deze cursus is volledig door Joemon ontwikkeld en heeft als doel om mensen tools te geven om meer bewust en ontspannen in het leven te staan. Op een speelse manier worden kennis met vaardigheden gecombineerd. De cursus is in het Engels, en bestaat uit 5 bijeenkomsten van 2 uur en wordt op lokatie voor bedrijven, organisaties en onderwijsinstellingen gegeven. 




Fast changes and still mind is what I earnestly required.

The current information age posits a tremendous amount of diversion and stress, one of the methods that I found very practical and beneficial to subvert and enjoy the process of being in a state of harmony is the slow down challenge by Joemon.
Joe tends to subtle aspects of what is at miss and engages the mind to what is pertinent at the moment, connecting senses to elements of nature through various activities was therapeutic and relaxing. Through this engagement of interconnected state, I found greater admiration and respect to nature of the physical world and the body.
Thank you so very much for this moment in my Life...


Warm regards,
Dr. Ajay Sharma, Phd




The Slow Down Challenge was just what I needed!

'My experience of the Slow Down Challenge' was that it was timely, just what I needed when it was the most hectic period of my studies during the MBA programme. Faced with tight deadlines and a relatively heavy work-load there is the proclivity to be stressed and to even hibernate to achieve my goals. However, the Slow Down Challenge helped me to be more relaxed, to be more focused and to be more conscious of my natural environment. It also gave me tools (for life) on how to be in union with nature and be able to enjoy life. Even during the most difficult or challenging times. It was a new but most interesting experience!'


Beverly Best 





I would definitely recommend the Slow Down Challenge to others

Dear Joe, thank you for the powerful Slow Down sessions you gave us. You are such a great personality and really calm. I would definitely recommend Joe's beautiful Slow Down sessions. They are useful in order to switch off for a moment from our busy and rushed world. I enjoyed the time with you and hope to participate in more classes from you in the future. 


Tareq Naschar


Maastricht School of Management




Come with an open mind and things will change

At least you realise what is going wrong. Change will take a while. What I learned is to accept things the way they are and not to get annoyed, not to ruin my peace of mind. I hope to stay with it. Thank you so much. 


Shyne Dale