Joemon Thekkaekurikattukunnal (India, 1974) lived with many tribal cultures all over the world.

There he saw people are happy and content with what they have, truly live in the moment and live much more in connection with nature and with the elements of the Universe.


Coming to live here in the West, Joemon saw that many lessons he learned from these traditional people, would be very usefull here, where life is pretty fast and often pretty superficial; the status quo is that 46% of medical students have all symptoms of a burnout. The status quo is also that 1 out of 3 work absences is due to stress. Leading to 750.000 long term burnouts per year in the Netherlands.

250 000 of those are people younger than 30 years old. 


With his background in Theology and Philosophy he decided to put his knowledge and experiences into a programme and he developed the Slow Down Challenge.


Besides (burnout) prevention programmes like The Slow Down Challenge, we regularly organise Detox your Soul weekend retreats, we support people through personal guidance and coaching and provide meditative massages based on Ayurvedic principles and energetic treatments


Our approach is always Holistic, we look at the person as a whole, all parts (physical, emotional, spiritual) are connected.