Our society is changing

And definitely many things are getting better. The 'purpose economy' (with main emphasis on solving a social problem, rather than making money) is taking shape and traditional systems are being replaced or reshaped. In this changing, fast, stressful, and superficial world it is essential to find balance and meaning in your life and to connect to others.


' 4% is all that we can see, hear, build, organise, measure and know. Then there is the remaining 96% that we don't see but that determines everything...' (Russian scientist Yury Kronn) 

Yet we tend to focus only on those 4%. Here in the West, people should get more in touch and in tune with that 96% of universal energy. The status quo is that 46% of medical students have all symptoms of a burnout.  The status quo is also that 1-3 work absences is due to stress. Leading to 750.000 long term burnouts per year in the Netherlands. 250 000 of those are people younger than 30 years old. 


We offer burnout prevention programmes like The Slow Down Challenge, we regularly organise Detox your Soul weekend retreats, we support people through personal guidance and coaching and provide meditative massages based on Ayurvedic principles


Our programmes offer people the capacity to deal with the high demands of these turbulent times and to become their authentic self and feel connected to the universal energy.  






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We operate from Maastricht, the Netherlands.

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