The method that we developed for the Slow Down Challenge helps you to be balanced and peacefull. But it is also fun! 


Traditionally living people have much higher developed senses, as you may know, as do animals. 

The Slow Down Challenge consists of 5 sessions of 2,5 hours (though sometimes we facilitate a shorter version too). Each session is dedicated to one of your senses. By doing little tests and experiments you become more aware of them. But that is only one part.... 


From being more aware of one sense, say Taste, we then make a connection to a universal source of energy, like Water. You learn how to receive Universal Energy via your own body, your own senses. 


You may think that faster is better, but Slowing Down will actually make you more efficient and effective in what you want to do. It will save you time! You will be more connected to your own body, you will be stronger and happier and you will be able to prevent burnouts, depression, tiredness. You will recognise the signs and you will know what to do about them. These skills will benefit you for the rest of your life


The session themselves are very practical. We always start with a greeting ceremony, because real contact is very important these days. You will receive information and you will do experiments related to the sense of that session. You will also do exercises related to the universal element of that session. And you will end with a guided meditation, where you are shown how to let go of the thoughts that keep circling in your head. All of this will be accompanied with many of Joemon's stories and examples of how tribal people live. And......Joemon will also show you a magic trick or two! Often with remote tribes, language was a problem. He used magic to make the first connection to people. 


Resuming: take some mindfullness, a bit of Pranayama, a good bunch of lessons learned from tribal cultures, a spoonfull of Joemon's natural calmth, add a generous helping of meditation, some Holistic 'sauce' to connect it all and finish it off with a bit of Magic... et voila: The Slow Down Challenge! 


The programme is very good for young people, we believe that these skills should be part of any education, so we like to work with educational institutes. It is also very suitable for organisations that want to offer burnout prevention or burnout recovery to their staff, or as part of their staff well being policy. Or for any group of people that want to Slow Down in this hectic world! 


The Slow Down Challenge can be accompanied by personal guidance and coaching.